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Cluster Hightech Itzehoe competency alongside a value added chain.

Hightech Itzehoe is the Cluster Microtechnologies Schleswig-Holstein.


In a successful cluster, the single companies together make up a functioning value chain.

Hightech Itzehoe is the local concentration of enterprises of a value chain centring on microtechnologies in Schleswig-Holstein. Next to enterprises, the closely interconnected cluster partners are research institutes, universities, education networks, financing institutions, public authorities, and a far-reaching portfolio of services for companies and start-ups.


These location benefits increase the value creation for the enterprises and enforce competitive advantages. As motor of the region, the cluster offers contacts, cooperations and knowledge transfer. It is not just the hightech companies who profit, but all companies in the cluster. Given the same overall conditions, cluster companies will work more successfully and profitably than their isolated competitors in other regions.


Convince yourselves of our strengths and become part of Hightech Itzehoe.

Last Update: 24.01.2012

Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH



Clusters are geographic concentration of interconnected enterprises, specialised suppliers, service providers and institutions of a specific economic branch situated in a state or region. Clusters are created, because they strengthen the competitive position of enterprises.


Success factors for Clusters

strong scientific basis
necessary infrastructure in place
engagement of the local or regional finance community
enterprises move within a network of science and economy
stable and reliable political environment
sufficiency of qualified workforce
excellent enterprises standing up to international comparison