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Vision Hightech Itzehoe

Hightech Itzehoe will optimally exploit the opportunities opening up through microtechnologies in the next 10 years.


Until 2010, 3000 future-oriented jobs will be created in Hightech Itzehoe. New application routes and future markets will become accessible for the enterprises in Hightech Itzehoe.


We will achieve these goals through


positioning Hightech Itzehoe among the worldwide top regions in research, development and marketing of new technologies
promotion of innovation and investment through the State of Schleswig-Holstein
an efficient education system in new technologies
an infrastructure that satisfies modern demands
an entrepreneurial investment economy
a many-featured service sector
entrepreneurs who regard their engagement in Hightech Itzehoe as a rewarding investment with excellent future prospects


As a competitive global and regional location, the cluster Hightech Itzehoe thrives on its high innovation potential and competencies and cooperates with metropoles worldwide.

Last Update: 30.01.2012

Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH

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