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Entering new markets with future-oriented technologies

The cluster has several competence centres for industrial research and development as well as European test and application centres:



Fraunhofer ISIT 
power electronics 
Packaging & testing 
Leadfree soldering 
Polylithium accumulators 
Micro Plastics Competence Cluster MP-CC 
Peter Wolters Surface Technologies GmbH 
Chemical-Mechanical Polishing 
Condias GmbH 
Conductive diamond coatings 
eBiochip Systems GmbH 
Lab on a chip - electrical biochip technology 
Ashland Chemicals 
European application and test centre for adhesives and plastics 
Nippon Antenna Co. Ltd. (EU) R&D Center 
European test and development centre for automobile antenna systems 
PROKON Unternehmensgruppe 
Regenerative new energies on rape oil base 

Last Update: 21.03.2017

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