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Privacy Statement

Use of personal data; Purpose Specification


The webpages of Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH at www.hightech-itzehoe.de are accessible without entering your personal data.

Our webpages are hosted by an external service provider from who does not convey any personal data concerning the access to our pages.


Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH only saves personal data if volunteered by you, for example in the context of a registration, a survey or in execution of a contract.

The collection, processing and use of data is exclusively related to announcements or offers in the context of e.g. seminars or events conducted by IZET Innovationszentrum Itzehoe.


Rights of enquiry


Upon written request, we will inform you by letter which personal data are saved by us as defined by local law.

For further questions regarding data protection and privacy of your personal data, please refer to the Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH:


Phone: 04821-778 0

Fax: 04821-778 500

E-Mail: info@izet.de



Last Update: 26.12.2009

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